It may surprise you to see how many incredible family days out there are in North Yorkshire. Whether you’re looking for something fun to do during the holidays or on the weekend, you’ll be sure to find an activity that the whole family enjoys!

So, here are ten ideas all within an easy drive from us at Morton House for you to strongly consider:

Lightwater Valley Theme Park

Fancy a family day out full of thrills and roller coasters? Lightwater Valley in Ripon is the perfect place to go as it has a variety of rides for children and adults of all ages. It’s home to the longest rollercoaster in Europe, and there are plenty of restaurants to eat at while you’re there too!

More Information: Lightwater Valley Website

Forbidden Corner

Forbidden Corner is fabulous tourist attraction that’s brilliant for young children. There aren’t any rollercoaster rides here; it’s all about mazes and tall labyrinths. Work together to find your way out and sneak around secret passageways – and you can even spot some local wildlife as well.

More Information: Forbidden Corner Website

Marfield Wetlands Nature Reserve

Head to the town of Masham where you can experience some birdwatching brilliance at the Marfield Wetlands Nature Reserve. Play a game with your kids to see who can spot as many different species as possible, and enjoy a lovely long walk along the North Yorkshire countryside.

National Railway Museum

A classic family day out in North Yorkshire! The National Railway Museum in York is home to loads of replica trains that your kids can look at and marvel. If they’re lucky, they might even get to sit inside one as well!

More Information: National Railway Musuem Webite

The Web Adventure Park

You can’t go wrong with an indoor play area. It’s ideal in all different weather conditions, giving your kids a chance to play for hours on end. Join in if you want, or relax with a cup of coffee in the nearby cafe. The best thing is, your kids will tire themselves out and sleep like babies in the evening!

York Maze

Head to the York Maze if you want a family day out that will bring in loads of laughter and smiles. As well as a massive maze to try and get out of, there are some brilliant rides and attractions to enjoy here as well. It’s the perfect place to spend the weekend in North Yorkshire.

More Information: York Maze Website

Scarborough Sea Life Sanctuary

Take your family to Scarborough where you can see some beautiful sea life in this amazing sanctuary. There are more than 50 exhibits with some marvellous creatures – many of which you won’t see anywhere else.

More Information: Scarborough Sea Life Sanctuary Website

Hesketh Family Farm

In Skipton, you will find a family-run park that brings your kids very close to a range of live animals. There are sheep, chickens, cows; almost every farm animal you can think of. Your kids will love seeing all the different livestock, and there’s even a tractor ride to enjoy as well.

More Information: Hesketh Family Farm Website

Henry VII Experience

This is perfect if your children are currently studying the Tudors at school, but it’s still excellent even if they’re not. Get a taste for Tudor life by dressing up in classic costumes and playing loads of fun games. They’ll have fun, but you can also get a free history lesson as too!

More information: Henry VII Experience Website

Flamingo Land

Go to Flamingo Land in Malton for a family day out that will excite everyone and show you some amazing sights as well. There’s a theme park packed full of rides, along with some stunning exotic creatures to look at too. It’s got something for everyone, so give it a go.

More Information: Flamingo Land Website

Looking for fun family days out in North Yorkshire? Then look no further than this list. Each option is great for the whole family, and you can enjoy them all year round!