Believe it or not, but Yorkshire is famous all over the world for its selection of beers and ales. People will come from across the globe to taste some of these beautiful Yorkshire creations, and it’s quickly becoming a must-visit tourist destination.

People have been brewing beers in Yorkshire for centuries, and some of the finest drinks can be found in this iconic area of Britain. There are loads of different beers and ales on offer, and this guide will show you which ones are worth blessing your lips, and how you can taste them.

Head To One Of The Many Yorkshire Breweries

Breweries in Yorkshire are almost like religious institutions. It’s like seeing a cathedral in Italy, or a mosque in Morrocco. Yorkshiremen pride themselves on their brewing habits, and you can uncover some of the secrets by heading to a local brewery.

There are loads to choose from, but we’ve listed some of the main hotspots you need to cross off during your tasting tour of Yorkshire beer and ales:

Black Sheep Brewery

This brewery is one of the most famous in the land and has been around for over two decades. It was set up by Paul Theakston – part of the highly regarded Theakston brewing legacy. You get to see how the iconic Black Sheep Ale is brewed, and there are endless opportunities for taste testing as well!

The visitor’s centre here is usually busy, but it’s well worth traversing the crowds to enjoy a taste of this fine ale. Not only that, but you can get guided tours and homecooked food as well – what more could you ask for?!

Theakstons Brewery

The Theakston Brewery is also in Masham, and it gives you a chance to explore a wide range of offerings from the folks at Theakston. There’s the classic Old Peculiar, Theakston IPA, and the Black Bull Amber Ale – along with a host of seasonal favourites as well. The visiting centre here is called the Black Bull In Paradise, and you can buy different tour tickets online.

It’s a stunning way to experience the brewing process that every single ale has to go through to become as delicious as it is. Plus, you can try so many amazing ales and decide which one to order a pint of at the local bar after.

Pennine Brewery

Next on your list is the Pennine Brewery – found in the small town of Well, near Masham. Deliciously handcrafted ales are on the menu here, and you can visit it to get an insight into how they craft their ludicrously vast range of ales and beers. Seriously, there’s one for almost every month of the year, with each beer offering a unique blend of flavours.

They’ll gladly give you a range of testers to see which ale is your favourite, and most of the Pennine Brewery Co’s offerings are stocked in bars and shops throughout North Yorkshire.

Hambleton Ales Brewery

Last on your list of must-see breweries in Yorkshire is Hambleton Ales. Here, you can go on tours in a group or on your own, and you’ll be taught the history behind the company. Not only that, but you can sample all of the beers on offer as well – including their ever-so-popular gluten-free variety.

Hambleton Ales has been around for a while, and it’s a very popular drink. As such, tours have to be pre-booked in advance because the brewery gets so busy.

Trips to all of these breweries will be well worth your time as you will consume some of the finest beers and ales Yorkshire has to offer. The best thing is, they’re all fairly close to one another, so you can get through all the tours in just a few days!

The Yorkshire Delicious Ale Trail

If your tour of some of the best Yorkshire breweries isn’t enough, then follow the legendary Delicious Ale Trail. You can download the trail online, and it basically takes you around some of the best pubs and bars in the area. It’s a brilliant excuse to explore the county, and each pub will offer up some excellent beers and ales for you to try.

You’ll be pleased to know that there are plenty of places to stay in Yorkshire, with each town or city offering various B&Bs or hotels. Plus, the transport links are easy to use, so you can swiftly make your way through the Ale Trail! Make sure you cross the breweries off your list as well, and you’ll soon sample the very best Yorkshire beer and ales.