Are you thinking about exploring and discovering North Yorkshire on two wheels? Here are some of the best cycling routes that you can’t miss out on, showcasing stunning scenery, fantastic challenges and much more. Of course, we are a little biased though and we think the best cycle routes are the ones around Masham! From Morton House here in Masham cyclists can enjoy parts of the Tour de Yorkshire Route which is once again coming through Masham again in May. Cyclists will be wowed by the spectacular views and can choose from easy or challenging parts of the route.

  1. Coast and Forest Circular

This 32-mile route is perfect for explorers and provides a fantastic example of the Moor to Sea cycle experience. It begins with a ride across the ‘Cinder Track,’ a former railway line, before heading towards the viewpoint at Highwood Brow. An easy, gentle ride, it’s ideal for every type of cyclist, regardless of experience.

  1. Bransdale Loop

If you’re looking for a secluded and peaceful cycle route, try the ‘lost Dale’ of Bransdale. Here, the only sign of human life is a collection of farmhouses, many of which are owned by the National Trust. It’s only at the end that you’ll travel behind the A170 and discover some fantastic cafes as well as some great country pubs.

  1. Rosedale Abbey To Dalby

The route here is certainly a tougher challenge than you might be used to. There are four valleys that you must climb. However, if you can keep up the pace, you’ll be rewarded with some terrific views and tremendous picturesque scenes with little to no traffic. Be aware some of this route does require cycling on stone paths and grass tracks.

  1. Whitby To Danby

Another great route from Moor to Sea Network begins at the seaside in Whitby. Here you’ll begin your journey following largely unused backroads until you reach the brilliant viewpoint of Danby Beacon. It’s certainly a breathtaking route and one that allows you to pass near the Moors National Park Centre before reaching your final destination.

  1. Spaunton Manor Circuit

Another great choice for explorers, this route is only 9 miles long and will take less than two hours to travel. Begin at the Ryedale Folk Museum in Hutton le Hole There, you can begin a bike ride that allows you to travel across ancient lands and discover old relics. Near your journey’s end be sure to stop at the impossible to miss pub.

  1. Scarborough To Highwood Brow

If you’re looking for a route that provides fantastic variety, this one could certainly be the best choice. It has everything you could possibly need from great green dales to rolling ancient woodland. The land here feels almost timeless and worthy of exploring.

  1. Over The River Rye

When you begin in Malton, you’ll be able to take a trip near the River Rye before passing over it. There’s plenty of pubs here to enjoy as well as some beautiful views of the North York Moors. We don’t think you’ll be disappointed with this gentle ride.

  1. Castle Howard & Nunnington Hall

Begin at Castle Howard for a 3-hour route that is both rewarding and ideal for beginners. It’s not too challenging at all and along the way you’ll pass by tearooms such as Nunnington Hall Manor House.

  1. Pickering To Highwood Brow

This is a fantastic ride and will take you through Dalby Forest as well as some beautiful villages like Ellerburn. There are some steep climbs such as the journey onto the plateau to reach Highwood Brow but your final reward is a stunning view.

  1. Leavening Brow & Kirkham Gorge

Here you’ll discover brilliant views of both the Howardian Hills and the distant Pennine Chain. A few climbs make this particular route more challenging than some of the others. But, it’s near impossible to match this choice in terms of beauty.

  1. Rosedale Railway Ride

If you want to see the remnants of the Victorian age in this area, the Rosedale Railway Ride is the ideal route for you. Journey along a forgotten ironstone railway and discover some tremendous views. This route is ideal for the summer months.

  1. Esk Valley West And Westerdale

Another quiet route, this choice will take you through moorland roads that are barely touched. Be aware that there are not many stops for refreshments along this choice. A two and half hour journey is it’s own reward here and you can begin at the Moors National Park Centre

  1. Scarborough To Ravenscar

A brisk ten-mile route can take up to two and a half hours which should tell you a little about the level of difficulty here. Once you start at Scarborough Railway Station, you’ll find some incredible places including ‘The Town That Never Was.’

  1. Easby To Rosedale Abbey

This is certainly a varied route. At the beginning you’ll find the journey to be rather gentle and relaxing. Don’t get too comfortable in high gear though because once you reach the Ingleby Incline, it’s going to test your might. After you have conquered this challenge, you’ll be greeted with stunning views regardless of which way you look.

  1. Langdale End To Whitby

If you’re looking for the perfect experience of the North York Moors, this is it. It’s a tricky route ideal for seasoned riders and some parts of this route are even quite exposed. You’ll find yourself battling the elements as well as the climb on this journey.

  1. Esk Valley East And Egton Bridge

On this route, you will travel the Easter road circuit and begin your journey at the Moors National Park Centre. There’s plenty of fantastic sights here too including stepping stones across a winding river.

  1. Littlebeck and Hawsker

The best section of this route must be the freewheel drop into Hawsker towards the unused Cinder Track. Once you get down there, don’t miss the chance for some ice cream at Beacon Farm. It’s a quieter cycle and one that is perfect for exploring the beautiful valley landscapes.

  1. Dalby Forest Loop

This route has been described as a rollercoaster and it’s not hard to understand why. You’ll journey up onto the moors of Saltergate before heading down into Dalby Forest. It’s a great way to explore the National Park.

  1. Kirkdale And Kirkbymoorside

The two and half hour route begins at the Ryedale Folk Museum, Hutton le Hole. You’ll find plenty of great places for refreshments along this route including pubs, restaurants and hidden cafes. You’ll also see a beautiful old mill and an old Saxon Church too.

  1. Whitby To Ravenscar

Or finally, you can take this route and discover some incredible scenery along the Moor to Sea Network. It’s a classic gentle ride that takes you over the River Esk and it’s well signposted so there is absolutely no chance you’ll get lost. Though don’t be surprised if you feel the need to stop for photo or two.