Yorkshire celebrations and Festivals to enjoy all year!

I love a good festival, don’t you?

I grew up in New Zealand and I remember that all the ‘British’ celebrations were so fascinating for me.  When I first came to live in the UK I had no idea there were so many quirky festivals … everything from cheese rolling, egg throwing, gravy wrestling, wife carrying, nettle eating, bog snorkelling and toe wrestling to Viking re-enactments and market squares full of sheep!

There really is a festival for everyone to enjoy somewhere in the country.  And that’s not even starting on the music ones.

So when planning your next holiday, why not try and include a Yorkshire festival?

Can you spot Morton House?

Then and now … the Masham Sheep Fair in September has been an important local event for many years, allowing the farmers to share knowledge and connect with others. In times gone by the sheep pens were set up along Silver Street and Park Street, now-a-days it’s a great spectacle on Masham Square, the largest market square in Yorkshire.
Can you spot Morton House above?

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Yorkshire Food and Drink Festivals

And if food is your thing, then you are certainly never going to go hungry at any of the festivals around the country … from Whitstable Oysters to Isle of Wight garlic there seems to be a speciality for everyone.

The Yorkshire Cheese Festival is in October each year where you can try all sorts of local produce and because you’re staying local, you can really enjoy a great  day out in the Dales with a full tummy!

The 23rd/24th July 2022 sees the return of the Yorkshire Dales Food and Drink Festival in Skipton.  2 days of gorgeous Food and drink at the biggest Food & Drink Festival in Yorkshire!

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Just to name a few … here are some Yorkshire Festivals in 2022
you can enjoy when staying with us in Masham …

Jorvik Viking Festival, annually in February

The White Bear Beer Festival, 25th June 2022

Masham Steam Rally, 16th and 17th July 2022

Yorkshire Dales Food and Drink Festival, 23rd July 2022

Yorkshire day, 1st August

Kettlewell Scarecrow festival, annually in August

Masham Sheep Fair, usually last weekend 24th and 25th September 2022

What’s more Yorkshire than Yorkshire pudding? Did you know there is a Yorkshire Pudding festival!

Yorkshire Cheese Festival celebrating local produce, October 2022

Dark skies festival October 2022

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Yorkshires Hidden Gems

But one of the ‘quirkiest’ has to be … ‘The Yorkshire Pudding Boat Race’.

Yorkshires Hidden Gems

How on earth does a humble Yorkshire Pudding become a boat?  Part of the Ryedale Festival http://www.theshed.co.uk/ including music, comedy, performance and art … you can literally see ‘Yorkshire Puddings’ being rowed down the river.

Apparently, the idea or a ‘Yorkshire Pudding Boat Race’ was dreamt up in a pub by Brawby artist Simon Thackray.
Why wouldn’t it be fun to sail down a river in a giant Yorkshire pudding?  And so with the help of a local baker, he made it happen.  Yes – real Yorkshire puddings of flour, water, and eggs … coated in a varnish to help them float.  I’d like to see that!

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Yorkshires Hidden Gems

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Yorkshires Hidden Gems

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